Stuck on a guy? is that even really possible?

I have a friend that is stuck on a particular guy, that I think she needs to stop fussing over. They were or are friends, I know they haven’t talked in a while but he reads the emails that she sends to him (and tells all the guys that he works with about them) so something is going on, I just don’t know what. (I know she has a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend, I don’t know much about either on them.) it seems that once she brought up another guy (who is married and a neighbor), he got wind of it he stopped talking to her but I don’t understand if there was nothing going on between them then why would he really care who she hangs with?

I know she cares for this guy, I don’t know how much but I think she needs to move on and find another friend what is it gonna take for both of them to deal with whatever the problem is?


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  • I know an Asian woman who was stuck on a particular man 40+ years after he divorced her, and even still many more years after he was dead. She is probably still stuck on him to this day...

    So yeah, its possible. There is no explaining some womens' taste.

    Although your story sounds a bit more... polygamous. I predict a blow up within one standard month (30 days).

    • a blow up on whos part, his or hers?

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    • how as a outsider can I defuse the situation, if that's at all possible before someone gets in to deep? I'm curious to know (just) what all these other guys know, I personally have come face to face with some of them and they act as if they know something they aren't talking.

    • I don't think there is anything that can be done, especially if your communication is getting stonewalled. Sometimes, you just got to let people do things the hard way.

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