How can I talk to my boyfriend about him being different?

Lately he has been different towards me one minute he's affectionate the next minute he easily gets annoyed at me and seems snappy for no reason.I feel bad because he tolerates a lot with me,I'm unwell,unable to work and have a lot of negative things going on and he has stuck by me,but I feel like I can't talk to him anymore even,he seems like he's over me.

If I talk to him about this I don't want to seem needy and insecure.He makes me feel like sh*t,we live together at my parents so it makes it harder,he's come back from being on holiday so he has had space from me,but he was like this before he left.How can I talk to him about this without sounding needy and insecure and without accusing him?If I do talk to him he will probably be like no I'm not..

I just don't know what to do,do I talk to him about it,do I act distant?Im really lost and unsure of what to do.


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  • Here's a secret: guys have a "special time of the month" too. We have our up time and our down times. If he's affectionate one moment and irritable the next, he probably is stressed, and it is nothing to do with you. Act normal around him, and if he gets irritable with you, ask him "Is there anything wrong?" Be very sincere and genuine, and he might open up.

    Hope this helps, good luck. :)

    • Thanks but yeah it's just it's been going on for a while now and he isn't exactly stressed about much at the moment..I feel like I'm the only one he is being like this with and it makes me feel like crap,in the past I've asked him what's wrong and he always just gets annoyed and says nothing,he never tells me what's wrong,I can't read his mind.I can understand if he's frustrated with my insecurities and me being unwell but least talk to me about it.I feel like he is just over me.

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