My ex is calling me a psycho f***!?!

We were dating four months, she is long distance. We have communicated everyday. While on vacation, I hadn't heard from her in 4 days. I knew she was crazy busy at work, she works like 80 hrs a week and sh*t hit the fan. So, I was supposed to visit her, and told her that maybe I shouldn't. She agreed with how busy she was, and I got mad. 1. because we haven't really talked for four days 2. because of her neglect. I know I should have been supportive and understanding, instead I told her that it wasn't going to work. (OH and I was on very little sleep the night before, because, I kept thinking something was wrong) I regretted saying that throughout the day, got wasted, tried to reach out to her and she wouldn't reply. That night, super drunk, I tried to call her and nothing. Now here is where I admit I got a little crazy, and called her like 30 times. She answered a few times. Said to never call her again and that I was crazy. She said I made her life miserable, when I really haven't, and have been the only one to putting effort into making things work. A few days later, I sent her a letter with a small gift, and nothing. I asked her if she would talk to me and she said no, and to leave her alone. I asked if I could still visit her, for our planned trip she said no. Just one week before that we were totally fine. I was really bummed out during that week, and kept trying to communicate with her through text. She finally started saying f*** you and calling me a psycho f*** and saying that she couldn't stand me! Only one week earlier, she had wanted me to marry her, and had me planning to move to her! I'm so confused. I never texted her anything mean, andI realize that I behaved like a insensitive drunk a**hole, but for her to go so cold on me, it drove me crazy, yes, my anxiety got the best of me and I tried to reach out to here through text and email quite a few times. It has only been a week, however, I have never had someone who supposedly loved and cared about me so much, to say things like that to me. I am not texting her a million texts, or ones that sway in attitude. just ones asking her to talk and expressing how I feel, and asking whether she loves me, or why she is being so cold. She replies that I am a psycho ass/f***, she can't stand me, she is going to change her number! Am I really the psycho here? I mean, its been a week and a half, how can how she feels change so dramatically? I realize that I shouldn't text or try to communicate with here, and honestly, its really hard for me. However, I am not texting her a crap load of texts, just ones that express how I feel, cause she won't give me the time of day to talk about any of this! Any thoughts would be super appreciated. I am starting to think that she might actually be the psycho for 1. saying she wants to marry me and move there after only dating three months. 2. shutting me off like a nobody after a stupid mistake on my part 3. talking to me in such a cruel way.


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  • ok, so you should probably give her some time to breathe, if you keep trying to contact her clearly you love her to. try not talking to her, she will think you gave up and probably try to reach out to you. Sometimes, sorry to say this "bitches" like to see guys panic like you are, and contacting them. Just give her time to herself room to breath, at least a week and she will probably contact you. I've only been with my boyfriend almost 4 months and we are talkng about living together, in a year. good luck!

    • the thing is she doesn't. She told me that she wanted me to leave her alone and wants nothing to do with me. I definitely made an insensitive mistake, which I have done in the past, but she has never shut me out like this. It's so hard being long distance, and when communication breaks, it makes me uneasy. I just don't get it!

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    • Really!? I mean she was incredibly harsh, saying I am a psycho f***, she doesn't care what I have to say, and that she can't stand me. I feel like that is a little heavy considering we haven't even talked after we got in our fight. I haven't said ANYTHING mean to her.

    • yeah girls flip out a lot lol..

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