Have you ever had a "Main Girl"? am I his "Main Girl"? Guys!

I have a guy who is definitely my "Main Man" but ultimately I want to have an "Only Man", a real committed relationship. He will call me his girlfriend, he had even mentioned me to his mom, showed her my picture and told her I am his girlfriend. He has a bunch of sisters and I have met two of them (the others live too far) but he has told them I am his girlfriend but we haven't exactly talked about us being in a relationship at all and he has never told me what he feels about me. Well I have not exactly told him what I feel about him either. We are close like friends, or friends-with-benefits. Sometimes it feels like we are a couple but other times it doesn't. Sometimes he acts over protective of me and other times he doesn't. I don't know all of his friends but I do know that he has a ton of guy friends or associates and I have met the main ones that he hangs out with and talks about, there are 4 of them and I met his brothert, But he did not introduce me to them as his girlfriend. Well he did not introduce me to them as his friend either.

I met one of his cousins but he introduced me to him differently. Like he did not really want me to know much about that particular cousin. And one time his cousin says to me "you and my cousin should be a couple, I always see you two together, you guys would be great". So I assume he doesn't say much about me to his cousin but his cousin also gives off vibes of a "low-life" and he is always up to no good so that could be why.

i have definitely been seeing other guys because I still feel single and want to have a man of my own and that is the only reason why I keep my guy friends around, "back ups"lol. But this guy has never asked me if I was seeing anyone else so I have never told him. I also have never asked him if he has other girls.

He will mention some other girls to me but they are always the same couple of girls that he talks about. There are a couple that he works with regularly and there are ones that he keeps in touch with from class.

am I his "Main Girl"? Well does he think of me as just his "Main Girl" do you think he would just mention the girls from work and from class to me if they were his "back ups"? After all When he and I met each other we had intentions of being business partners but we ended up really feeling a connection and that resulted in what we are now, a big confusing mess lol.

Do guys have feelings for their "Main Girl"? I have feelings for my "Main Guy" but I don't want to show it too much because I'm afraid of making something out of nothing and getting hurt.

Have you been in a similar situation as mine? What happens now?

What do you think about this guy?

i am also aware that I overthink things :/

for those of you who are not familiar with the term "Main Girl" or "Main Chick" there might be a cultural difference but pretty much it is a friends-with-benefits relationship where you have more than one friend but only one of them, you spend the most time with, the "main" one.
and the others would be considered your "side chicks"


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  • If you're asking this, the answer is no...

    • i asked a bunch of questions? which one is no?

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    • so am I the "side chick" or the girlfriend lol although I know I'm not the girlfriend. And we are definitely friends with benifits. I'm not sure you understand what I wrote or can even relate though.

    • Well, I'm assuming you guys are in an open relationship. If you're f*** buddies, there is no "main" anything. That's just people being becoming emotionally attached.

      Are you the only girl he's f***ing? I highly doubt it. Are you actually his girlfriend in his eyes? No. He would have introduced you as such to his best friends. Don't want to sound harsh, but that's the truth.

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  • Doesn't the term "Main girl" imply that there are many girls, you are one of a few at least.

    Sounds like you're dealing with an insecure, attention seeking, selfish man whore. Stay away from him.