I'm interested in my best female friend who often doesn't respond to my text, how should I ask her out?

I met this girl 7 years ago and we just hit it off (lots of laughing and touching). Over the past several years we have grown apart because she moved away, I was interested in her even then, so I decided to spare myself the stress and limit our connections. Now she has moved back and I have reevaluated my whole outlook. Recently I have found out that she is now single, and since we broke consistent ties with each other (and did so unofficially and without any drama), I want to go for it. At this point, with our interactions limited, I have little to lose. Here is the problem... Sometimes she answers my calls and responds to my texts and at others it's like I never sent them. She has always done this, and to everybody we mutually know. She is both really social and really busy, to which I partially attribute her ignoring my contact attempts. Life is too Short so I am definitely doing it, or spending the rest of my life wondering. I plan on giving myself one attempt to see how she responds to my brilliant and charming flirtatious side and then doing the deed soon after. What I need is your advice to maximize my chances, because this is going to happen, and I feel this will be my only shot.


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  • Meet up and be as forward as possible, if she hesitates move on, else congratulations..