How to go further with a girl?

Hey people, I'm a 19 year old Uni student, working on that English Lit degree, because I love money of course:p I'm a funny loving guy, who really broke out of his shell after leaving high school (go figure). I have a lot of confidence in both my personality and looks( most of the time). When there's a girl I find attractive at a party or when I'm out with friends, I have no problem flirting and having fun with her. But, whenever I want more than just sex, a relationship, I become standoffish and it becomes much harder for me to express myself and exude confidence. I think it's just the fact that I really like this person and if I try the relationship thing and it goes wrong, I can't salvage said friendship. I always feel if I over complicate things, I'll f*** them up. Maybe I just over think it, but need help getting past this wall. Even over think the act of asking a girl out.


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  • Perhaps you are worried you are going to get hurt if you let someone get close to you. I think that you should be able to trust yourself and try to get to know the person that you like or want to be with. Don't worry so much that just makes the things worse or it will become an obsession. If you like a girl talk to her, see how it goes =) and if you click with her then just ask her to do it again sometime or go somewhere. Not every time will be a yes but it doesn't mean anything just move on to someone worth spending time with and on. =)


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