Why would my ex ask about a guy I was seeing a few months ago?

We talked on the phone tonight and he asked about a guy that I met and asked if I'm still with him and I told him no and that me and that ex are suppose to be friends but we are so distant and he said oh OK. Also asked if we still talk, I told him we rarely talk. Is he still interested? Still feelings there?


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  • He is trying to feel out any potential rivals before making further investment. If you said you talk with him all the time and are the bestest friends in the whole-wide-world and you dream about him every night, then the time investment to pursue you versus the chance of unseating a well positioned rival would be risky from a "cost analysis" point of view.

    Your answers show availability, which is satisfactory for him. That is why he said, "oh OK." He was just digging for info. Since he checked, that means he is still itnerested, or at least at the time he said that.

    • Ok. He's never asked about that before. He then goes back and kind of talks about how it was for us. It was awkward because I don't feel for him as of right now. We are best friends and do talk all the time, we practically talked the whole afternoon on Facebook. We have tried to be together twice throughout 14 months and if I fell for him again, I don't think it would work out a 3rd time. He's the only ex I've ever stayed friends with. I don't know why it's like that for me.

    • Maybe its the perfume? You could always change brands, you know. :)

      Kidding, of course. I don't know why either.

  • He is still interested. He is wondering whether or not your heart is in the place he wants it to be. He has strong feelings for you still.

    • I told him its hard for me to let this guy go because me and the guy have this love - hate relationship. Told him now that me and the guy rarely talk I am starting not to care if we do or don't, I feel I'm just holding onto him hoping things would change but its been over a month. Its all still the same. Do you think he wants me back?

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