My boyfriend doesn't allow me to go on vacation with my friends?

I will go on a trip with my boyfriend also in September. But now I would like to go with my 2 friends . ( both are girls)

It would be only 10 days but my boyfriend said that he doesn't agree.

He said me " stay at home" and that it's dangerous 3 girls going alone.

Last year he had vacations with his friends and I didn't have anything against it.

I really wanted to go with my friends, I was waiting for it and was so happy for this trip.. Now I don't know what to do:(

If I go without his permission he may be angry and I wouldn't enjoy my trip but worry all the time, or he may break up with me?

Tell me what to do?


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  • Your boyfriend is a controlling prick.

    Stand up for yourself. He doesn't control your life.

    If you want to go on holidays, GO.

    If he wants to break up with you over that, let him. He's a loser.

    If you are more terrified of him breaking up with you, than you are of him being a bad boyfriend, then you're going to be the abused victim girlfriend all your life.


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  • If he's that controlling, then he's not a BF. You don't want a relationship with a control freak.

  • ok, I'm gonna tell you; break up with him and go on vacation.

    1. he has no right to say what you can do.

    2. you don't wanna be with a guy who's controlling.

    period. end of story.


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  • so if you are single its suddenly safe'? women go laves every single day. does he think they should all stay home --with him?

    hes full of sh*t.

    you tell him he went. you're going. relationship wise, its equal, & outside of the relationship, he has nothing to do with your decision. its your body, your life. your friends. you want to go, go. if he has a problem with you being in control f your o and life, he should see a therapist. while you're gone.

    thats MY opinion. but you should make up your ow and mind. not because of what he says, & not because of what we say. make your own decision. its your life.

  • Well, maybe you should discuss the issue with your boyfriend. Present to him the positives and negatives and explain how the positives outweigh the negatives. Explain to him that this relationship does not mean that you as his girlfriend but also as an individual should not lose your ow identity just because you love someone. I'm sure if he does love you, he will care to think about your happiness too. Maybe he genuinely is just being over protective and doesn't want you to get hurt. In any case, you should definitely talk it out with him. It's essential to at least have a rational debate on it first to see if you can reach some type of mutual agreement or conclusion before jumping the gn and breaking up