Is this a bad sign? Should I wait longer?

I've been dating this guy for nearly 2 months now. I do like him but it's like I don't get this 'special' feeling about him. I really do like him though. He's nice and a gentleman and everything I'd want. Sigh.. But he doesn't make me go all nervous. I don't always get butterflies, just once in a while.. I think that I should be feeling more giddy like. Lol for example there's this guy I had a big crush on, I never spoke with him or anything big, he'd come into my work. And tonight he came in and I got so nervous, went under pressure, my cheeks went red and my knees literally gave wy and were shaking. I DON'T UNDERSTAND! ;(( why is it like this? Should I be giving it some more time? Is it normal? I really really wanna give the guy I'm dating a chance cos I do like him and he's a great guy! will my feeling get stronger as we go? Is it meant to be like this? I do want to wait longer cos I don't wanna lose what we have now, but I'm scared that what if I'm just wasting my time? Please help me out .. I've never been in a relationship before, I have no idea!


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  • Not feeling nervous or having your cheeks turn red does not mean you don't like him. It just means that you feel comfortable in his presence. On the other side, feeling intense or shaking in the presence of the other guy does not mean you like him. It might mean that you are intimidated by him or simply attracted to him.

    People confuse attraction with admiration and also with love. When you're attracted to someone, you like to see them more often. Your cheeks turn red and you feel it in your body. You get nervous around them and whatnot. That doesn't mean you admire them because admiration means you've known them enough to admire certain things about them. For example you admire his intelligence, sense of humor, caring nature, etc...

    Being nervous in someone's presence only says that you are attracted to them. It's mainly physical attraction. Admiration needs more knowledge about the person.

    Love is another story. Love is about feeling comfortable with that person, having peace of mind while being with him. Love is about devotion, loyalty, compatibility, good communication. Love is when you accept his negatives and appreciate is positives.

    When you love someone or admire someone, you don't have to turn red or shake while being in the presence. You are simply being yourself in his presence, so why feel nervous anyway?

    I don't think you should leave him just because you aren't turning red in his presence. Good guys are rarity so you should cherish him and enjoy the relationship you have with him.

    Hope this helps. :)

    • Thanks so much, your answer made so much sense :) and yeah I can't even think of letting him go, it would be the worst feeling. Thanks again! Really appreciate it :)

    • You are most welcome. :)

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