Does he seem a little "off"?

What would make a seemingly normal guy who you used to be friends with take interest in my friends? since he got a girlfriend he hasn’t said nothing to me since. He’s going to everyone I know, reading through everything they have ever wrote, as far as I know he hasn’t said anything to them. (so he’s harmless). I mentioned another guy and he, I assume, got so mad he stopped talking to me.

Does he actually have an interest in being in my life or hers? Is he trying to pry into her life or mine? Am I taking this all wrong and shouldn’t be worried? I have tried to talk to him, email etc, he reads them but doesn’t respond to any.

He's got a girlfriend why would he really care what goes on in my life?


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  • Well I don't know why he would care what goes on in your life but one main thing why he may not be talking with you might be because of girl.

    • I can see that, but why would he give a crap what goes on in my life? or my friends? if he cared so much why doesn't he talk to me anymore?

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