Why would she treat me that way?

I was sort of seeing this woman for now I say 4 years. When we met we really fell for each other and became very close. I met her in media while auditioning her and got talking. It was sort of a strange set up really as she lived with her x and their kids; they slept in same bed but did not according to her have sex. I like a stupid idiot accepted that.

However we were really supportive of each others' carer at this point she was just getting stated as was I. several years later she got a great opportunity, we started seeing less and less of each other, 9 months not been together, but like a fool I did nothing about it again. I then moved to another town to be closer to her, but as her career got bigger, things really got out of control. I did not see her at all, 3 times in 14 months. She decided to have a break from us and I thought OK that is fine to clear our head.

However now she has met someone in the media during our time out and was seeing them for 3 weeks before getting rid of me. I am really hurt as only found out and the way she did it was really cruel and cold. I was so devastated that a person I know and really cared for could just be so cold and utter cruel. I called her to say that I was really hurt but all she replied was why are you hurt and stared off an argument. She told me she is not free till later and would text me so I could call her, when she did she texted 3 times saying I’m free now and can only talk now.

When I called I was faced with how bad I was to her, that my family did not like her, even though I stuck up for her saying it did not matter how they thought as long as I cared for you. I was called jealous of her career and her new boyfriend as said that she cares for this person now and there is no us. She wanted to be friends.

When I was really upset it seemed she only wanted to put me down and did not seem slightly upset at all that we are breaking away from each other. I told her that I was crushed and felt like not waking up; where she replied you’re going to kill yourself then? And abruptly said OK, this conversation been going on for ages I have to get off the phone, leaving me speechless and extremely hurt and wide open. What the hell’s happened to this woman? I feel that when she needed support she was there, and now her career is setting of and she has a new boyfriend, I am no longer of interest. Come on she has not even called or texted to see how I am doing.

Does that seem to care? I have never seen this sort of reaction in her until now and can only feel worse by thinking now she is having sex with someone else and I am forgotten. I have started the NC rule but find it really hard as sometimes I want to say I’m happy she has met someone and at the same time I want to call her all sorts of names. But I don’t think she will listen. I mean, you hurt someone bad and then not even call to see how they are. I would have never in my life done that. how do you get over that?

Hello Alley

Thank you for your advice.

No I don’t think I will, but will get better in time I guess. It hurts more when you think someone would not do that and put your trust into them, care and help them when they are at their worst. But soon as their life changes for the best and they find someone else it makes you so angry inside and hurt you can’t not help but think. You are rite to find someone better, even though I do miss her, (don’t know why after what she done)


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  • First of all, I am really sorry to hear that! I hate when people do that and become like that, but it happens to the best of us. I don't think there is any way to get over that. What I would say is focus on things that truly make you happy and while you do that don't think about her. Constantly thinking about her is gonna make it worse! Try putting all your focus into your work, or into writing or any other hobby that you have and learn from it and move on and find someone who is better than her.

    I hope that helps!

  • Seems like another one of those girls who just wanted to play. She may like you at the first but then as times goes on, she may find you boring, and wanted to find someone new. Maybe you're too nice.


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