Did I do something wrong? Or did he just back out..?

I met this guy over the weekend and we really hit it off (even though he's four years older than me). We have the exact same sense of humor and we spent hours sitting and talking together and making jokes. He ended up asking me for my number because we live really far away from each other and we know we probably wouldn't see each other again. We texted a little bit that night after I got home and the next morning. I texted him yesterday just to say hey and he never replied. He said when he got home (which would be yesterday or today) he would add me on Facebook. I know he doesn't have my last name so he has to text me for it so he can find me, but he hasn't done that yet. What's going on? Did I do something wrong? Or did he just back out..?


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  • you didn't do anything wrong. he's either playing mind games with you, so you become obsessed with him. or he's dead in a ditch somewhere. either way youve got to forgot about him because it pointless trying to make it work because of the distance issue


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