How do I get this guy to kiss me?

Theres this guy I've been hanging out with and well we get along great and I like him a bit and I think he likes me ands I really want to kiss him but I've been the first to kiss before and I really want this guy to kiss me first what do I do?


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  • I've seen girls do it in different ways. They get more flirty, touchy-feely, make their mouth "available" to yours, kiss the guy on the cheek, etc. Also read this article to get some ideas.


  • Stop in the middle^^

    get close to him, close enough so he can smell your perfume, make a slight chin move upwards, look him in the eyes, make a very slight smile (a la mona lisa), then when you make eye contact (important) a quick glance to his mouth and back, then wait for a little while (one slow inhale+exhale).

    If he still doesn't kiss you or makes the moves after you have finished exhaling: back off he is not ready yet, you'd only be forcing him.


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