How do I confront him on this?

My male friend I have known him for 3yrs now.

I have a boyfriend and they are both close. They hang out a lot of time when my guy is home from working away every weekend.

I only get one day a week with my guy and yet my friend seems to want to steal him away from me for the whole day.

Then when we go out he is with us constantly staring at me.

Playing love songs on the juke box.

We had a fling (nothing happened) years ago and it did not go anywhere because I got back with my guy after a break and when I realized he wanted me it was to late as I was back with my guy.

Now at the moment he has pulled out the jealousy card on me and it hurts.

As I do have deep feelings for him I just ignore them because I don't know what it is really he wants from me.

He has a pinup tattoo and she looks like me.

He sends me texts and songs to listen to but I don't reply back.

What should I do confront him about his behavior or just leave it and let his behavior continue to hurt me?

Plus I don't want to hurt my boyfriend this feels like a love triangle and I'm in hell just want to hide from it all. But I know I can't and it's making me Il.

He has said to my face he loves me and when he got caught out he denies everything.

I just need to understand what to do and why is he doing this ?

Oh he has never had a girlfriend or even been bothered about sex so it was a shock him all of a sudden interested in me.

And he turned me down because he did not want a relationship.

So yeah has he now changed his mind and realized he wants me?

But I don't want him I just want to be aware of what it is he is doing so I'm on guard because I won't split the boys friendship up at all for anything.

There like brothers I could not live with that heavy on my conscience.

Oh also the song he put up was the script- the man who can't be moved he puts it up every Friday night.
There more than friends there cousins actually.

And my guy has busted him many times still keeps him in our life because it will cause family war if they split.

Also I will get the blame more than likely you see.

I think he is INLOVE with me and I'm trying hard to not make any mistakes


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  • If it's gotten to the point where you truly are stressed, confused, and hurt, you need to talk with your friend and help him realize what he's putting you through.

    Your friend is being selfish and making the decision to make things complicated for you while you're with your guy. The fact that they're great friends ultimately is irrelevant because you shouldn't be submitting yourself to his constant obvious advances. This only spells trouble in the future because one day your friend will do something out of what he's feeling and maybe your guy will think the worst when it comes to the two of you.

    I don't want to harp on the guy, but who knows if he's friends with the guy only to be close with you. It's great that he's been there for you though, don't get me wrong, I just think the right thing for him to do is to back off. It's unfortunate things didn't work out, but that's life.

    Hopefully things will go well for you, seems like an awful situation to be in since you want to keep things the way they are except for someone's feelings. Sadly, those don't just go away on their own often times. Take a stand for yourself and talk with him, let him know how you feel, let him know if he truly cares for you he'll stop doing what he's doing.

    • Since they're cousins, you need to tell your guy to talk with him, and let him know as well how you feel.

      If you haven't cheated, you're not to blame. Each person here is supposed to act in a mature matter and respect the decisions & life of others. His cousin needs to understand this.

  • This is why women should have only female friends, and men should have only male friends. Hope it works out for ya, though.

    • Your relationship is sick and unhealthy for all involved.

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