I feel like he doesn't really want to see me?

So I met this guy online and we kept in contact for 5 whole months before actually meeting (we both live in different states). That whole 5 months I was chiding him and constantly on his case about meeting.

Finally, about a month ago, he came to visit me for 4 days. We had a good time and everything and he really likes me, but before he left I asked him when we'd be seeing each other again. He didn't really give me an answer. I asked him again and he said all of July he'll be busy but "maybe in August."

This bothers me a lot. I know him well enough now to know that he is not THAT busy. And I told him I'd be going back to school at the end of Aug and that we should spend as much time together as possible before then. So he texted me, "Ok I'll look at flights tonight or something." And then he never said anything more about it.

I don't want to keep getting on his case about it 'cause I've already done that enough and I don't want to anger him. But I'm bothered by it. He calls me like almost daily and I don't want to be his phone friend. What should I do? I asked him if he really wanted to see me and he said "of course!" But he never says when. (Money is not an issue in this situation BTW)

I get a feeling he could be hiding something but when I accused him of that he denied it and said he's just busy or whatever.

Ugh..what should I do in this situation?


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  • I'd tell him how you see the situation and talk to him about it

    • but I"m afraid to bring it up 'cause I've brought it up so many times before and all of those were negative encounters

    • I believe it is how you go about saying it. Everything comes across differently depending on the words you use.

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