To call or not to confused?

So this guy I've been hanging out with called me last week just to chat and told me he would call me over the weekend. He didn't call..and gag-ers have suggested that it may be because I haven't been giving obvious signs that I'm interested in him. Last time we hung out I was the one who initiated the plan and invited him to the park for some soccer... I've also initiated texts, and he likes to call me. So I'm confused...should I call him since I've never really called him just to say hi before? Would it seem needy if I text him and ask where he went? But then again he was the one who said he would call...By initiating plans and texts, are these not obvious enough signs for him? Ahhhhh


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  • lol. aw it's okay. well I'd be like f*** it and call if that is what you want to do. either he'll answer you'll talk or he won't then at least you called and stop worrying about not calling. =/