What do I do to help her?

So my friends been dating this guy for 11 months and she's still into him just not as much. So the other day she was talking to their best friend, a guy, he said "i love you and I wish you would love me back". She likes him too. And he's gorgeous and they have a bond no one could understand, But they don't wanna date and break up and lose each other as friends. And he has a girlfriend and he says he doesn't want to be in a relationship right now. she's torn and confused. Were going into grade nine in September. She wants to get rid of the confusion before school starts. So please give me advice to give to her.


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  • Theres nothing you can really do to help her, but to be there to listen to her.

    The whole situation seems as if its something that should be left alone. They both made their decision, and feel that it would be wise to continue has friends. They should continue to let time progress, feelings and situations can change. They feel they should stay has friends, perhaps with time they will give it a shot (when circumstances are different). I think they made the right choice. Afterall he does have a gf.

    • But why would he say that he loves her then?

    • He is conflicted just like she is. They both agreed like the wiser decision would be not to do anything right now, and I agree.

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