How to get a girl you like to chase you?

Girls be honest ! Guys be ruthless. bring out your thoughts!


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  • Steal my handbag.. I dare ya.


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  • Well you have to be working on your muscle car in your drive way and mowing your lawn. This will turn her on so she will start washing her car in your view as to make you horny. But then it turns out you are actually gay and give your number to a guy in her band. Then she will miss you so so bad.

    • the amount of times I've done this, man you don't even wanna know

      short lived (about 3:20) but I can't help myself, its addictive as crack

  • Girls don't do the chasing, so I reckon you need to find yourself a manly lesbian, and dress up in a frilly skirt and hope she likes femme chicks.

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