"He's mean to you because he likes you." Were you ever told that by parents/teachers as a kid?

Were you ever told that by parents/teachers as a kid? I was just thinking about the prevalence of domestic violence and then thinking maybe it had something to do with the fact a lot of us are told this when we're younger


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  • I was told that (she version). By my father. Who really got a kick out of being a tyrant and beat my my mother. Who then proceeded to beat me and my brother. Went on for oh...17 years? Had to fight back physically to make them understand we're not children anymore. Also built barriers upon barriers and we even have difficulty communicating to each other. Could be the 7year difference as well. I only have one thing to say about that quote, F*ck it. People are mean because they -are- mean. People are nice because they -are- nice. I've yet to meet a guy that acts mean to a girl he likes unless he's so nervous he stops breathing. Watch for flailing arms.

    Domestic violence is caused by a selfish insecure prick 95% of the time. Don't even try to deny it guys.


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  • This saying is valid only until the age of 13.


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  • Yeah I've been told that but I don't think that contributes to domestic violence. When we grow up we know the difference from right and wrong and some people because of other situations/circumstances in their life aren't capable of communicating and physically take it out on their partner.

    They know it was wrong and feel badly afterward, hence the apology, but it happens again because its what they know to do in the moment. I think its caused by deeper rooted issues inside someone.

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