Is a guy I met online into me or a timewaster/player if after our first date he only texts me once?

I went out on a first date on a sat. things went well but I couldn't tell how into me he was. At the end of the date he said let's go out again and I said I am going out of town Thurs I am open Mon or Wed. He texted me Sun saying hi and that he was going to take a nap. Mon no communication. I say he is not into me or just playing the field a little bit. We are both in our 40' divorced on an online dating site and I can see he has been online several times since our date so obviously he has had time to talk.


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  • If you want confirmation, you have it!

    He may be lining women up and picking his favorite.

    He's voting with his feet. If he were interested, he'd text/call you.

    My advice? Steer clear of this one. Find another on the dating site.


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