What is the point of responding to a text a day later?

I texted a guy I like, I think he likes me back too. Sometimes we text all day. However this time, I sent him a text hoping he had fun on vacation and that he forgot his goodbye hug.

He didn't answer until the next night saying, "sorry this is so late but thanks and I will cash in on that hug when I get home"

I was jw your thoughts because I usually wouldn't bother to text someone back a day later. By that point I'd probably just ignore it and leave it be.


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  • Texts are like emails. You reply when you get around to it. Maybe that's a few days later.

    If it was urgent or required an immediate response, she'd have used the phone. EVERYONE knows that.


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  • Surely you would of been more pissed off if he didn't respond to your text at all ? Sounds like this is the first time he's ever done it so cut the guy some slack.

    By the way this is the sort of thing that leads to getting clingy.

    • done what?

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    • oh yeah. but also, I mean in general, why text someone back one day later? It only takes a few seconds to reply so why wait a day? By then the conversation is over lol

    • I think it's a sign of being polite, if you've took the time to text him then it would be rude for him not to find the time to repay you back. Also if you text him while he's on vacation or before he's about to go then surely he could of being busy with vacation stuff, it would be easy for anyone to get sidetracked, or look at a message and think 'I'll reply in a minute' and totally forget. The conversation may have been dead but I think he just wanted you to know, he acknowledged your message.

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  • Perhaps he may be on vacation and may be taking a vacation from his phone. I know that when I go on vacation, I enjoy the fact that I have a valid excuse to ignore my phone and truly enjoy the vacation without worrying about everything going on back home. Don't think anything of it. Especially if you two do talk and the responses are of a quicker nature normally. Perhaps he also didn't even bring his phone with him, or he's simply been busy. hope this helps! :)

    • Makes sense. in this case however his vacation was delayed and he was off and at home. Thanks

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