Is she making up excuses to meet up?

There this girl I am friends with, I asked her out 3yrs ago but at the time she turned me down but we have remained friends over the years only seeing each other now and then, laterly she got me to film one of her plays (she does theatre acting) after the play I went with her to a party, I asked her at the party if she still with her boyfriend back home? she said it was on and off (pretty sure been off for years though from Facebook statuses), I also told her she looked amazing and made it clear I still like her. sadly she did all usual nonsense to give me hint to not bother etc like calling me a mate etc. lot other girls I know think she crazy not to give me a chance as most girls say find me attractive, Anyway got email from her today she said once I've edited there show she get a train and come and meet me to collect the dvds and give me the money as be easier than posting she said, is this just excuse to meet up with me? as we live least hour by train apart and I'm pretty sure posting and sending money over internet would be easier


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  • get over, dude.

    it's really sad to see a man being so insanely ignorant, arrogant and egotistical. you simply cannot face the reality. she's not interested in you. period. I mean, do you understand this; N O T I N T E R E S T E D.

    stop with this nonsense, stop analyzing and calculating all her moves and stop searching for some "hints" or whatever. it's just your ego talking, man. because you're the man, right? right? you're so man, that there is absolutely no chance that some chick wouldn't go out with you. right? the man, right? she's just hiding her attraction towards you, right? secretly she's in love with you, right? cuz, you know it, you're the man, right?


    get over yourself already. she's not interested. move on.

    • err no not how I think but thanks for your sh*tty reply lol