Is she going to expect anything later?

The craziest thing is happening to me! Until yesterday, I hadn't made out with a girl in almost two years! So on Sunday I got to summer camp and made friends with a couple of girls. For whatever reason, one of them is really into me. All of yesterday and today, we've been alone together constantly making out (with tongue lol). I'm at 2nd base already. If I hit a home run, will she expect me to text her every day for the rest of my life? Or will I just move on?


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  • What do _you_ want. it doesn't matter what she wants. you don't do anything you don't want to do. worying about her 'expectations' is pretty rediculous. you tell her what you want/ dnt want. she wants the same thing, or she does nt. then if you want very different things, you walk away.

    anyone who is not playing games, has no hidden agenda to worry about, because they don't have any theirself. everyone knows what's up.

    youre playing games, by worrying about her wanting something from you. either because you do want more, but don't want to admit it. are because you want more physically, but don't want to have to be her boyfriend. don't want to tell her that, because the physical will stop.

    grow up & just be upfront. you might lose out on sex, but if you're not honest, you have absolutely nothing credible to sand on, after things blow up.

    its intersting you haven't even told us what you want. tell her you don't want to be in a relationship, but you enjoy making out. if that's all you want.

    chances are tho, if she's got to second base & said nothing. she's just using you for your body.

    • Ha. I think its pretty likely it doesn't have to do with personality either way. Honestly she is just practice for me for college in a way. She has told me I'm hot several times so does this mean she won't stay in contact with me later if we have sex? Also, how would I get condoms if we do?There's a 7 11 nearby but I don't know if they sell them and if you have to be 18? Thanks!

  • Well it depends how the girl is if she clingy then she will get attached and think you guys should date. If she's a girl who is just looking to hook up then she will be fine with you walking away and moving on. But either way its also up to you, if you really like her then date her if not then walk away and tell her you are not interested. Since you guys are young she prob does want more.

    • I just don't want to pick up stds. I saw her Facebook and she flirts with multiple guys. It would be awkward to ask and I'm 2 months from 18 years so is there an age requirement for buying condoms? Thanks!

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    • Where do I buy these things? I know there is a 7 11 nearby but I don't know the area well. Would that work or should I look elsewhere?

    • No I wouldn't go there. Where are you from? Ide go to walmart or K Mart or the drug store like CVS or Walgreens.

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