Online attraction: for guys please

guys, how do you show a girl online that you actually like/attracted to her?

my guy and I were schoolmates in high school but we never really talked in person because he was a bully and I was always in the top class. in other words, the nerdy class. fast forward we are both 29 years old and all of a sudden he added me on Facebook. then he chatted me up which surprised me. we are still talking. but how do I know he likes me? we are in different countries now By the way. THANKS GUYS!


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  • No risk no worries, a guys got a certain edge he likes to keep honed, the art of engaging ladies in communication, from my perspective, the distance factor is key here, to a guy that's like an open invitation to flirt your ass off with no risk of complications, also on the note of old school aqua instances I now regard every one I attended school with fondly as the dramas of school life paled in comparison compared to the real world.

    • in English please. :) just kidding.

      i hate him because I actually really like him since high school. well I'm not a nerd anymore that's why maybe he started talking to me. :( anyways thanks!

  • I don't know why you'd be interested in a bully in the first place, but whatever, I guess that's beside the point. E-flirting is a lot like real life flirting, usually you want to keep an eye out for winking emoticons, smiley faces, all that good stuff. You also just need to gauge his comments just as you would in real life.


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