Do you think we could ever work out? please answer:)

I have a crush on this guy who was just dumped last week. We were sort of friends, not close friends but pals, and we hang out with mutual friends and we always talk and both have the same sense of humor. I haven't seen him since the breakup but I texted him yesterdat to ask a question about summer school, and he kept bringin up his ex and I kept trying to get him to see he was better off without her. He was saying how he's glad he is single and now he can talk to whoever he wants and he's excited to meet a new girl, but not right away. So do you think I have a shot at being that new girl? And what should I do to get him to like me?


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  • Well its hard to say how he feels about you but you obviously have a shot.

    The only thing I'd say is just be cautious about the situation, as I've learned from personal experience that trying to get into a relationship with someone who just recently got out of one is hard. And by hard I mean that they feel like yes they are single and can meet new people but if you guys go for it and it moves to fast they can get scared and want to back off because they are afraid of something they just got out matter how happy they are with you. So I'd say give it a bit of time, let him do his single thing for a bit but also show him you are there and try to stay on his radar. After a while try and make the first move and show clearly that you like him and see how he responds.

    • thanks for the good answer! but the part I'm confused on is how do I stay on his radar for the time being?

    • just takl to him here and there, start conversations that are fun and that can allow you guys to talk for hours sometimes. Maybe even hang out at times too, go to parties, movies or something.

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