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This guy is so interesting and we like each other a lot. Our schedules are almost the complete opposite and he doesn't want to take advantage of me and have me be there for him while he can't be there for me...he would rather be good friends than have us in a relationship where we can barely see each other once a week. I agreed with him because I wouldn't want to be in a one-sided relationship and make him and me feel bad. After the serious conversation, we started back talking normally and he even basically promised that we will still do stuff together but what he doesn't know is that once we become "good friends" he will be nothing but a friend because I don't want to be hung up on him then be left to deal with the hurt. I want to be with him and maybe he wants the same thing but we can't find time to spend with each other...should I just keep going with this friend thing till we figure out something or should I just move on..?


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  • Having to see each other everyday is not really something important in a relationship, we all have a life and as long as you commit with each other that's what is important. My Boyfriend and I before we moved in together we had a busy schedule, But we really liked each other and always understood my schedule and so did he, The time we were able to hang out with each other we enjoy it very much and our relationship grow, That missing here is the desire to be with each other may be from him, but I'm my opinion if he wants to keep things as friends you shouldn't do it, your feeling will get hurt so you should stay away from him and focus yourself on something or someone else.


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