Am I reading too far into this or...?

Okay, so there's a guy. He's a mutual friend of a few mates, but we've hung out a few times. He was talking to me a bit online. We were only mildly flirting, but mainly just being random on status' and yeah, we were doing this everyday for a few weeks nearly and we only had a few inboxes.

Now I know he is a genuinely nice person, no one dislikes him, he's just a nice, caring guy and I saw him at a few mates gatherings recently and he was nice still. But now he's ignored a private message and just doesn't talk to me on there.

Am I reading too far into things or doesn't he like me (as a friend) or.. I don't know.


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  • Guys usually don't really notice things like that. If they ignore a private message, it's either he didn't see it on the screen, or he hasn't had a chance to reply. Don't worry about it. If a guy is romantically interested in you, he will be very fast about replying, and will try to talk to you every time you're online.


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