Emotional after sex?

i've been "dating" or going on dates with a guy for almost 2 months now. in the beginning it was fun and I did exactly as I should've been doing. didn't get too emotionally attached, let him be the man and pursue me, take me out and call me. he would call me on average about twice a week, and we would schedule and plan dates and go out about twice a week as well. I never waited around for a phone call because I wasn't emotionally attached. it was fun, until I made the mistake of sleeping with him about a week ago. now I feel like I'm losing grip of my own emotions, constantly waiting for a call, or wondering if I should call him, and when he waits 3 or 4 days without contacting, like he always has, I freak out. my only advantage is that he doesn't know how I'm feeling right now, but I'm sure eventually he'll start to sense it. he's expressed that whatever we're doing isn't casual and that he's interested in me but I don't know what that means. I like him, but I need to get ahold of my self, what do I do? and another question, if I call him, would that seem needy?


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  • You both need to just go ahead and start taking things to the next level. You said that he said he's interested in you. When a guy says he's interested then he wants to get you know you more. Tell him how you feel. The difficult part about the sex thing is that when women have sex we attach our emotions to it. That is why it is important to wait to understand exactly where your relationship is going. If he is looking for a relationship then I say it's okay to proceed. If he isn't that is a risk you will have to take. When a man tell you what he is looking for in the beginning believe him. You cannot change his mind.