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I just met a guy not too long ago. He seems like a really awsome guy and fun & we have a bunch in common. However I can't see myself being anything more than friends with him. He's already told me he really likes me & even asked me on a date. I told him I would get back to him on it. Do I go on the date with him & try to give him a chance or is saying yes leading him on.


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  • It really depends on how you feel.

    You already said you don't see yourself being more than friends with him, so how did you arrive at this decision? So depending on your reason, it's either he has no chance and yes going on the date would lead him on.

    However, if you think there's a chance for him, then the date might go better than expected. Also, casual dates are normal so it's not really leading him on if you're giving him a chance. Afterwards you'd know for certain and would let him know accordingly.

    My pov on this is that you've already hesitated, and the attraction/chemistry isn't there enough at the beginning. Probably should politely decline. Hopefully he takes it well and the friendship can continue!


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  • If you're 100% sure you don't want anything more than friendship, don't go on a date with him. Tell him clearly you only want to be friends and then you can do stuff as friends. Otherwise he'll have the wrong thoughts about it.


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