My love is an emotional trainwreck?

My ex girlfriend, who I'm still madly in love with, is an emotional train wreck. she says its because of her countless horrifyingly traumatizing experiences. I have always tried to be the best for her but she always has her guard up because she's afraid I'm gonna "change like all the others." She has constant mood swings and claims that she's scared that I'm gonna hurt her, so her reaction is to hurt me first.

I want to tell her I'm not like the others but she's heard it all from the same guys who messed her up. and to top it off, my parents say that she's bad for me, which causes her to want to cut all ties between us so she doesn't cause a break between my family and me. advice on how to fix this?


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  • You don't. Some women are "fixer-uppers", will continually to be "needy" and enjoy the attention of a guy who is willing to "rescue" them. Unless you enjoy the emotional roller-coaster and are willing to sacrifice your relationships, emotions and time on her, my advice would be to steer clear. She will eventually suck the life out of you. My two cents based on experience.


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