What do you do when?

*You met a friend online and became good friends but then they fall for you and you don't know how you feel but it doesn't matter because you'll probably never actually meet.

*You think your best guy friend likes you as more than that but you know they'll never tell you because of past events.

*You have been feeling depressed and lonely lately despite all the people around you and you know you won't be able to truly smile until you've figured it all out


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  • 1. Could potentially meet, it's not like you're going to be walking/swimming all the way there.

    2. You decide if the possible gain outweighs the risk of it (Can you see your relationship being worth the possible rejection (also would rejection be less painful than not knowing?), if you think they like you but won't tell you then it's 100% on you to tell them)

    3. Sometimes I feel like that about certain things, sometimes people can't tell it seems, though there are a few who always can.

    • 1. Its highly unlikely

      2. I guess I'll have to ask hey

      3. Yea...

  • 1) Stop talking to them before things get out of hand for the BOTH of you. Unfortunately I actually was in that exact situation. Exact. Situation. And it didn't turn out well, trust me. For either of us.

    2) Do you like them / want to be with them? If so, let them know so that something can happen, unless you're scared of ruining your friendship in which case just act normally. If you don't like them / want to be with them, act normally - nothing will happen anyway if he doesn't act on anything.

    3) Sorry to hear that. I was depressed for a while last year and what got me out of it was hanging out with friends. But first you have to figure out the source of all the stress. For me, it was home. Home life was very stressful, especially because of my parents. So the way to get rid of that problem was just to hang out with friends, where there would be no stress and I would be able to forget all of the problems I had at home. Likewise, you need to figure out the source of your depression. Is it because of the first two points you listed? If so, deal with them accordingly. They shouldn't be too tough to deal with. For the first point, stop talking to the guy (I recommend leaving a goodbye note but not talking to him in live chat or anything). For the second point, I already advised you up there^ on what to do. If the source of your depression is something else, wanna say what it is?

    • How would you suggest leaving a goodbye note without talking to him in live chat or anything?

      How did you know it was a guy?

      If I knew my source off stress/depression I wouldn't have a problem.

      I need to think this all over.

    • Make it as long as you want. Be really nice about it, explain how great of a guy he is, but say that you don't think an online relationship would be healthy for either of you and so you can't talk to him any longer. Those are the main things you should say in it. (Oh right, say these things in an e-mail if that's what you were asking haha.)

      One, because you said it was a guy, and two, because you're a female anon and I assumed you were straight.

    • Well, that's what you wanna figure out then. It could be any number of things. Stress from school/work, low self-esteem, issues at home, social issues (e.g. with friends), or just plain not seeing many good things in life because you don't go out and have fun enough. Or just cynicism haha, in thinking that there's not much point in life and hating the world for its living-in-the-present attitude. In which case just get over it, live your own life, and enjoy your own meaningful things in life! :)

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