Heat of the moment.... when in love.....

What crazy stuff has your loved ones done?

So a normal day out shopping at the mall with my boyfriend and we started arguing about silly things and I was getting angry at him and told him just stop and go cause we don't need to create a scene after all the arguing he told me I was right and that his sorry for making a fuss of course I didn't want to hear any of it, so he calmly and boldly jumped on the water fountain ledge in the center of the mall and started singing for me lol... with everyone staring and him singing and moving towards me... how could I still be mad at him... my crazy lovable boyfriend that moment called for a kiss after his wonderful display of affection... :)

What has your Girlfriend/Boyfriend done that left you feeling, you are loved/cared about/appreciated/valued/someone special?


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  • Haven't had anything that dramatic ha ha but I just had to comment. That's the most adorable thing ever!