Would a guy leave his girlfriend for another girl??

There is this guy I've been messing around with. He always cones to my rescue and does the sweetest things just for me. We like each other but the problem is he has a girlfriend. He isn't happy with her but says he still loves her. Do I have any sort of chance or should I just cut my losses?


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  • You should stick around he looks like he wants you


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  • Same thing happened with me. My boyfriend was dating this girl and me and him flirted non stop sovereign the beginning of the year and then one day me amf his girlfriend go on a fight cause of him and he went back with her and it hurt but a month later he ended up getting with me and we are growing strong we've been together for six months and they have been The best monthsof my life just wait and give it time and he'll come around. Just show how you feel towards him and don't let his girlfriend try to come between you guys that's all I gotta say but stay strong and go after what you want .. (: hope I helped.

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