Are you supposed to hang out before your first date?

I met this guy online and we have already hung out a few times and we made out. I thought he was interested, but then I found some ads on Craigslist dated for last weekend under "strictly platonic," and "m4w." after that, I thought he didn't like me anymore. But, then he invited me to the movies this weekend. I don't get him or know what his deal is. He doesn't want to see me anymore until this weekend. Do you think I should just leave him alone, or is dating supposed to be like this?


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  • He wants to f***, plain and simple. That's the only reaosn why any man would post anything like that on craigslist, regardless what it says. So if you need some good D, see him, if not, leave him alone.


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  • Technically speaking you've had your first date. The only other advice I can offer is stay away from Craigslist!


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