The Disappearing Act?

I was seeing this guy for a while, things were great, we'd go out all the time text all day long, he was up my ass. My birthday came and he took me out at midnight and we celebrated it, the actual day of my birthday I was going out to dinner with friends and then having a party, all of which he told me he was attending. He also told me the night before he had gotten me a birthday present. He was great, all my friends loved him even my parents, then the day of my birthday he just stops texting me until midnight about how he got all caught up at the airport ( aka a bunch of excuses) at the same time his ex girlfriend is tweeting things about me and him and about how "she hates liars" And he tweeted something back to that affect of something to do with lying. We have no spoke since the night of my birthday, I do not understand how he just up and left without a word, he was the most respectable guy I had dated in a while. Can anyone help me out with understanding what happened?


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  • YES he got tackled by airport, ex, emotions and maybe even lack of sleep! Why show up looking/feeling like a dirty hound that's been kicked around all day long - just to give a poor performance and put on a happy face = 50# weight. Let the guy recover! What you give in this scene you'll get back in spades.

    Life will deal you more of these cards, so watch & learn, play your hand wisely.


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