Problematic situation. Suggestions?

So I broke up with this girl some six months ago. We shared great chemistry but somewhere I went wrong, she felt unloved and felt me as a totally unattractive guy and it was a sudden heartbreaking breakup for both of us. I had very sincerely apologized her about all the misinterpretations she had in her mind but she was too mad to listen to me. I even realized the mistakes I did.

Anyway, I respected her decision and told her over the phone to cut all contact with me and to enjoy life with her friends and to just forget me. Then I went NC for over two months. We study in the same college but I was out of town the time we broke up. After some 2 months of NC she texted me out of the blues whether I was in town or not (it was exam time). I responded all cool and positive and we had a short conversation and then bid goodbye.

Now here's the main point. I knew she had talked all smack of me and that's why her friends who were very close to me went somewhat stand offish, though some still trust me a lot. But then why was she messaging me as if she still cared? and without me knowing, she still is spreading bad image of me because everyone asks of how I am doing. I just realized this through a friend.

During those 7 days of exam I remained cool while ignoring her and her friends talked to me. It was all normal. But now I have to attend classes for full 3 months, I don't know what lies ahead of me? After exams ended, she ignored all my witty messages... I just don't seem to understand her... She responded positive when finally our contact initiated. She responded positive to my genuine compliments. She never talked to me face to face in front of her friends. And now, totally ignores my witty messages as if she's dead. what's going on?


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  • She doesn't want anything to do with you anymore. I know it is hard to forget about an ex, but it's called a breakup because it's broken.

    Focus con your studies, try to have fun with friends, and if you see her ignore her as well.


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