We all have that one person who is no good for us - why do we keep going back?

They treat us like crap they tear us down but yet we can't stop thinking a/b them we even change ourselves for them is it ever worth it in the end? how do we make a clean break?


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  • Its never worth it because you should never change for someone, only yourself.

    If someone is putting you down constantly then you need to realize that you deserve more.

    When you are knowledgable about your worth, then you will not accept anything below it.

    The reason why you keep going back is because your self esteem is very low, you don't think you are deserving of anything better, but you are. You need to realize that relationship is not doing anything great for you, it is unhealthy. Its slowly killing you. Its like putting horrible toxins in your body, and saying, "I'll keep eating /drinking this only because of the feeling it momentarily gives me."

    If its not okay for you all of the time, then its something you need to stay away from!

    To rid yourself of this man you need,

    -Seek counseling/or find someone you can confide in (someone that you can speak to when you are feeling weak, like you will want to go back) <<Someone who will tell you the truth no matter what ex. "Get away from him."

    -Delete this person off of social networking sites (ex. Facebook, myspace.)

    -Delete all contact with this person altogether (phone numbers) <<do not answer phone calls (or messaging from this person).

    -Throw away all of the things that remind you of him (Any photos, gifts he has given you).

    -Listen to music that will empower you (not sad love songs)

    -Give yourself time and space (this is the biggest healer) It will all hard in the beginning, but with time you will grow stronger.

    Gl. you can do it.


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  • The reason you keep going back is because you have allowed them to make you feel worthless, you don't value your own talents enough to break it off, you feel as if they are the best you can get, but realistically, they have made you feel like this because they are scared of losing you because they know you desrve better and could get better, so they dent your confidence and bang, no matter how they treat you, you keep trying, all you need to do is remember that you have talent and it won't go un noticed, men will prove their worth to you, not take your confidence away,x


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  • haven't learnt the lesson