How do you know if a girl is "feeling it" like you are?

Whenever I see her or am around her, I'm able to flirt with her and tease her so comfortably, it's just so natural. It's like a buzz hits me. How do I know if she gets that same feeling? Problem is, people tend to project their own feelings onto people, so even if I think we have "chemistry", it doesn't mean that she does.


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  • if you're able to flirt with her comfortably, it doesn't sound like she's rejecting any of it

    she's probably feeling the same towards you :)

    but you can pay more attention to see if she's reciprocating the flirting, does she at least try to reach out and touch you (hit you on the arm when you tease her)..stuff likethat

    • oh yeah, she always punches me on the shoulder when I tease her. But the problem is I hope she's not too comfortable and just sees me as a friend.

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    • no, she doesn't talk about other guys, other than if she's like "Do you know so-and-so?" or "I spoke/saw to so-and-so" yesterday in conversations. As far as I've seen she only punches me. She's pretty outgoing, though, that's why I'm hesitant.

    • i think she might be into you. as long as she doesn't say anything like "omg, this guy I met yesterday was so hot!" lol

      what you perceive to be outgoing, it might be her trying to flirt and show you she's interested!

      my take on this...ask her on a date! really! haha

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  • Pay attention to how she interacts with other people. See if she treats you differently than others, not huge differences but for instance, she laughs more, smiles more, can't look directly into your eyes or looks at them a lot. If you feel comfortable around her and there's easy dialogue chances are she feels it too :)

  • does she give you signs? then ask her out


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