How do you get an exclusive relationship successfully?

without being too pushy up front, or too passive?

i made a mistake by getting involved with a guy who told me he "isn't looking for a wife right now" and "just wants to have fun" because I thought I didn't want to commit to him either, but I realized that I feel emotionally pained and used and cheated in a situation like that and can't do it again. it took me going through it to understand that.

i know obviously if a guy states something like that you probably won't get a relationship with him either.

but if you say you want a relationship too early on you may come on too strong...

so how do you handle these things?


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  • After going on a few dates with a guy and mutual interest is indicated, you should casually inquire about his goals and interests. If you are still interested, then ask him why is he still single, when was his last real relationship, and how long did it last. That should give you an indication of the type of guy that he is, and was. Still interested, then be direct and ask him what type of relationship is he looking for right now. Don't waste much time getting to know someone without knowing their intentions. If you have different intentions, then the guy will be glad to know early on that he is not spending anymore time pursuing something that he is not getting (get what I mean). It's a win, win situation for all to know each others' expectations.


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