Should I contact him?

this guy I've been seeing for a month told me he would call me over the weekend but he for some reason never did.

then suddenly today I find out about this local event that I know he would totally enjoy and I really want to invite him to go with me.

should I do this, despite the fact that he didn't end up calling me? I just want to approach it in a cool fashion and invite him without asking why he didn't call/where did he go. thoughts?


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  • Yeah you should invite him!

  • I would find out why he didn't call you first. That shows a lack of respect as well as lack of interest. If there is a legit excuse why he couldn't make a one min call then yes invite him. The reason why I say this is, it's only been a month, if I was really into someone there's no way in hell I would jeopardize it so early into it.

    • yeah I also want to find out why

      whats a good way of asking without sounding accusing lol..i don't like saying things like "why didn't you..

    • I don't know, there really isn't. I guess you could just say "I was really looking forward to hearing from you on the w/e" in a jokingly nonchalant way. That way you sound more concerned then accusing. But I would wait till he contacts you first.

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