I tend to fall for guys born in November. It could be any part of November, really, but mostly those born near the cusp of Scorpio-Sagittarius.

We have similar senses of humor, communicate pretty easily, and yet I want to just jump on them. (But I hold myself back.)

There is an odd pull between us.

I am an Aries born April 9th.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks in advance!

p.s. If you're going to comment that astrology doesn't matter, that's all great and wonderful for you, but I won't read such negativity.


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  • I don't think I've ever really known anyones sign that I've dated, I know their birthday, but not her sign/the personality traits that go with it. I was born in November :P

    • Hey thanks for thinking about this and answering! I do have an extensive theory behind this that I've seen friends experience that I won't delve into. My brain looks for patterns just like everyone else's. I thought this topic was interesting.

      Aries is March 21st - April 20th, by the way.

      Thanks again!

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  • I was born in June, and I always tend to fall for women who were born in one of the 12 months on the calender.

  • I was born in November, but I never really pay attention as to when the girl I'm attracted to was born. I also don't pay too much attention to horoscope signs.

  • LOL! Well...for us to get together...you would have to be willing to accept a 25-year age difference, I would have to leave a marriage and you would have to be OK with a Gemini..(:(:(:


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