A possible beginning to a long lasting relationship, but need a little help getting there.

So, I have been casually dating a guy for a few weeks now. The first time we kissed he took my breath away. I have never felt this way for anyone in my life. We want to move to the next step of a relationship, but find it difficult because of a problem my ex-husband transmitted to me. (My cheating slug of an ex-husband gave me herpes.) We are both worried he will contract herpes if we get too close. (If you know what I mean) Even with preventative measures there is still a risk. I am not sure how to handle this situation. We want to be together but he is scared to be near me at all. When we have been together we hold hands, kiss a little but otherwise keep our distance from each other. I care about him and want to continue to create a long lasting relationship with him. How we can continue moving forward in the relationship, fulfilling our emotional needs while working on getting closer to the next step? Is there anything I can do or say that might help us deal with this issue so our relationship can continue to bloom?


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  • I wouldn't know, sorry. Maybe a medical specialist, forums, or gathering about herpes would be more informative?

    • I tried that. The "professionals" tell me just wait, and for sexual gratification, masturbate.

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    • Thank you for trying. It makes me feel better to know I am not the only one that doesn't know what to do lol