How Long Should I Wait For An Answer?

I want to date my ex again. I don't know what he wants.

We've been hanging out lately to let him figure out if he wants to date again or not. I'm pretty much doing my thing as normal, being patient. And I know I shouldn't have a problem with this since I get to spend time with him, but honestly I want the damn title of being his girlfriend.

How long should I wait for him to decide? May it be a certain amount of times hanging out or an amount of time in general.


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  • I think in this situation, don't make him a priority. Think of doing things yourself, your friends. This doesn't mean to purposely ignore him or whatever. But he's not putting you around the top of his list, whereas you seem to be, I'm assuming. So don't expect, don't wait. It's how it is. Hanging out, okay you'll hang out. It's not a test or game to see if you're good enough for him to date again. You can also speak with him, try to be more than friendly with him, see how he takes it. By this I mean subtle flirting. If he backs away, that's not a good sign, but it can also mean that he's not made a decision yet. He can also receive it well but not want to be with you.. You can speak with him. I guess pressure isn't a good thing. But, I can see how being with someone who doesn't want you back can be painful so you might naturally want to pull away. Ask him what he wants, how he feels. What didn't go right the first time and what are his expectations.

    I feel like you should do what you want, what you feel most comfortable, but not set a certain time's up for him, unless you can't stand it anymore.

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