How long should I wait?

Me and this girl I met the other day just had our first texting session. She had to leave to take people home and she don't text and drive from my understanding. She said "so I'll talk to you later." it's been an hour so did she forget, or should I just wait it out however long it takes her to text me again? (I'm pretty new to girls so to say, so take it easy on criticism please :P)


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  • You can go ahead and text her now if you're impatient to talk again, she's bound to find it sweet. If for some odd reason you don't want to give off that impression then text her tomorrow.


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  • She'll talk to you later...I personally find it clingy when a guy does that especially if you just started talking to her. Let her come to you, or wait until tomorrow - I'd wait after 2 days personally...

  • an hour is NOTHING, you just met. wait a few days and then text her.


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