What else am I missing in my game?

So suddenly I haven't had much luck with dating to be honest, so I guess it might have to do with my game, but I am not sure what I am missing, if any body can help me that would be great. I am some guys are so smooth they can get any girl they want and they change girlfriends instantly, I mean they are done with one next thing you know they are onto the next one:

1) I am nice

2) I like to tease girls

3) I am a happy guy

4) I like to joke around

Am I missing anything else?


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  • First off, everyone has times in their life where their dating life stinks. I see it as a recharge session. Second, not all women like the word "girls." Many of us like the words like women, woman, or even ladies. Third, not all of us like being teased. =) Teasing is something you want to save until after you get to know her a little bit. Although many women can laugh at themselves, its harder when the guy hits on them with a personal joke. Also, many men who like to tease, don't know where to stop a teasing. If you use a joke too much, many people start to wonder if you aren't joking. When teasing always make sure to shake up the jokes and not stick to the same, old, worn out jokes. Create some new jokes.

  • Most of those so-called smooth guys have quantity in their favor. They hit on everything that walks. Now, don't dissolve into a douche, but do put numbers in your favor. The more girls you talk to, the more likely it is to find one that you like who likes you back.


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