He wants to take me to a cheap hotel? come share your hotel experience!

Been dating this guy for the last three months, I Haven't be able to see him the last three weeks due to his work and his family from out of town coming to visit, now, he wants to take me to a cheap hotel for the weekend.

I don't know how to respond. Yes, we have had sex in the past but this is the first time he wants to take me to a hotel. We both live with our parents. This is my First serious relationship, and I'm really inexperience sexually.

How does one respond with this?

What is he expecting if I say yes?

What has your experience been with going to Hotels?


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  • You two live with your parents so any hotel is OK for privacy.

    You already had sex with him, doesn't matter where it is, so I would say yes.

    He wants sex again after three weeks of absence.

    A hotel has a bed and two happy people having sex in it.

    It's all about sex.


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