Would you rather get to know someone & see how things go- LATER. Or be with them NOW & go very slow?

If youve felt passionately about them, for a long time, but don't know them very well.


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  • Now.There's a good chance I might not feel the same later as I do in the now if it has been too long. That's assuming I did not know them well to start with.

    • i agree. and I really don't see how it makes sense to with in case you don't like them as much as you think you will, because you can always break up. its not marriage. if you wait, feelings can change, they can be with someone else, move etc.

      i mean you get to know someone you -might- be interested in, to se if you want to be with them. but if you already think you want to, I don't see why you don't just do it, even if you don't know them super well.. that's easy to change.

    • This has actually happened when I felt strongly about someone & things were left too long & I eventually met someone else, & I'm sure they did also. But I strongly believe if we did work on getting to know each other instead of messing around things could have turned out great. But we'll never know now.

    • right. & even if you broke up & were with other people _now_ud still have had the experience with each other. which, is valuable, imo.

      relationships are noit life long contracts. there's no point in waiting until uve missed tons of opportunities. seeing as you can always break up.

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  • I am more preferable to knowing them presently and letting it build. That in my opinion is the best way. Others may argue theirs but I prefer understanding their personality, what makes them happy or sad; what makes them who they are instead of rushing into a relationship and finding out their horrible sense of uncontrolled anger or very emotional mood swings which would sooner end the relationship then originally building it. After all, "Rome was not built in a day" and with time, wine taste more crisp and subtle then acidic one year old wine.

    • wouldn't a horrible uncontrolled anger make you not want to be with them, anyways? what's the difference if you break up, or just don't get together in the first place, because of it.

      the only diff to me, is you know their intentions, so you might make an effort you wouldn't make if theyre just some person you talk to on occasion.

    • It is only a factor. Small things like that make a relationship good until it builds and destroys not just the person but their girlfriend/boyfriend. The difference is the moments after the break-up and how they react around you if you never had a friendship to begin with.

      Not all intentions are clear as water. Some intentions are fabricated as a coating of silk. If their some person you talk to on occasion then you might never know them like a best friend or a neighbor.

    • i guess I jut don't see a difference. between deciding you don't want to try being with someone, at all. & going slow& breaking up, because you decide you don't want to be with that person-at all.

      i can't see much difference. except in the second case, your not 'getting to know' other people. in the same way. to me, that makes it clearer. that's all.

      otherwise I don't see a difference, you can always break up, if it doesn't work.

  • Go do it now!

    So you will know.

    Rejected? What?!

    Go to another.

    And another.

    And another.

    Until you find someone better than the other.

    • i agree with the first part. I don't really feel a need to run from person, to person. but m not looking for a boyfriend, or sex. its just if I actually like someone, id give it a try.

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  • now