What are his intentions?

My guy friend and I have talked about feelings. We're in our early 20's. He knows I like him because I confessed my feelings, but since he just got over a girl and we work together, it's complicated. He hasn't admitted to having feelings for me, but when I asked him if he could see us dating, he said yes and no. He said no because we work together... and of course the timing is bad because he was just getting over this other girl.

We have great chemistry and we're good friends, but sometimes he's so hard to read. Sometimes when I look in his eyes I just feel like he feels the same thing too... that or he just likes the attention. I'm trying to move on, but he teases me sometimes and it hurts Because I'm still working through things and don't want to show that I'm still vulnerable. When I get mad at him, I walk away Because I don't wanna fight with him, but he always calls my name and runs after me to make things right.

What's his deal? Does he care about me? Does he have feelings, but won't admit it? I know we work together, but work is temporary.

A little help guys? I just don't know what to do...


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  • He just got over a girl and needs a cool down time. It doesn't matter how good you two are.

    He has feelings for you, cares about you, everything you wish for, but one thing is stopping him. What makes him think you two will have the best time of your life and then suddenly break up again? During his cooling time, he needs to think of all considerations and realize whether you are the one or not while getting over the previous girl.

    Time will tell you.


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