How do I kiss my best guy friend?

I'm really confused. My best guy friend Tristen and I have been really close friends for a few years now. We went to the same school, we hung out with each other before school and after and during lunch. Whenever we could hang out we would. He knows I have a crush on him but I don't think he knows how big its gotten. He always gives me hugs and we tease each other a lot, he's called me pretty once. He's really shy so I don't think he would make the first move. Well anyway, um in Feb of 2012 I started home schooling again until the year was over. I would occasionally walk down to the school just walk him home and talk. We held hands once but he got shy and pulled away cause his friends were asking him if we were dating and it must have made him nervous.

We're going to the park tomorrow wheres there's a playground, tables and like a mini water park. :3

I really want to kiss him, id be his first kiss. But I'm afraid he'll back away and reject my kiss.

What should I do?

Keep in mind I have absolutely no idea if he likes me at all.


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  • Try a cheek kiss first! :) Also, it sounds like he likes you. From my perspective anyway.

  • yu should take that time alone & actually talk to him...dont tip toe around the issue just be upfront and real.