Does he really care?

Okay so my long distance boyfriend and I have been together for about two months now. I really like him and he said he loves me but I feel like he doesn't really know me.

I'm always there for him like of he had a problem I help him the best I can. But they are always really superficial problems that I can't really relate to. And today I had a problem that I wanted to talk about and he was just like " forget about it" and I just couldn't forget it because it could affect my future.

I told him that and he said he didn't know what to say so I told him I just wanted him to comfort me, that's it. Then he sort of did but I could tell he didn't really care then he just ignored me.

This has happened before, I wanted to talk about something important to me and he just ignored me for an entire day.

And he only talks to me about an hour a day, then just disappears. He says he has a bad connection but I know for a fact that he's lying, what do I do?


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  • Well your boyfriend could be busy or doing something important and he could be afraid to tell you that you are his girlfriend

    Im not sure here but I used to have a long distance relationship twice now (2 years ws ith one, 2 months with the other)

    And I found out things don't work out this way, the distance always gets in the way.

    Sometimes the guy has no money to visit the other day she needs to go to whatever place then the next week your sick and she thinks you don't want to see her because she can't see if your really sick

    This guy could even be having another girlfriend you don't know about byt since your at a ling distance your not going to visit <- for that reason I stopped with long distance relationships


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